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Perfect Shipper's Tapes If you regularly ship packages via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier, this tape is a lifesaver. The patented Perfect Shipper’s Tape wraps around the girth of your package and cinches to the exact measurement. By adding this measurement to the length, you’re able to determine the industry-standard shipping classification for your package, which is printed right on the fiberglass tape. Avoid shipping delays and oversize charges with this helpful device! See our brochure for more information. Avoid shipping delays and oversize charges by knowing the correct shipping classification for your packages! Simply wrap the flexible Perfect Shippers tape around the package’s girth, place the peg at the end of the tape into the round opening at the opposite end of the case and cinch the tape tight by retracting. Next take the package's length. The 170 inch long tape measure shows you the industry-standard classification for the sum of your two measurements. It's that easy!

Shipper Tape Measure

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